Who We Are

The Infrastructure brand was first founded in 2008 by Chris Richmond as a platform to release his own music online for digital download.

Chris studied music at the College of West Anglia gaining BTEC qualifications in popular music as well as music technology.

In 2010, he started to create a series of short documentary films called "Norfolk Uncovered", which combined his interests in the history of his home county of Norfolk with elements of film production including composing and arranging the soundtrack as well as mixing and dubbing the sound.

While creating these films was nothing more than just a hobby, Chris continued to work full-time in his main job driving buses, which gained him a nomination for a prestigious award at the UK Bus Awards- becoming a finalist in the category for Top National Driver.

Photo: Stu McPherson

Aside from creating films, Chris is also passionate about field recording and believes that great imagery should be accompanied by great sounds.

In 2014 he began to release some of his growing archive of sound recordings on the popular Audiosparx website with some early success as a "Hot New Artist".

This success led Chris to concentrate more on field recording as a serious venture, eventually leading to the release of the dedicated sound libraries available on Infrastructure Recordings today. 

Chris's links with the public transport industry has given him the opportunity to get up-close and personal with various types of buses and after driving them for several years, has developed an ear for detail, identifying all the different sounds that make-up the character of a particular vehicle.

He is also a railway enthusiast, having spent time doing voluntary work at the North Norfolk Railway and is a core member of the growing Norfolk Railway Heritage Group.

All this- when he's not out and about recording high-quality sound effects!